Experienced Extermination of Spiders in Merced

Spiders are not only unsightly and unpleasant, but they can also be dangerous in many cases. They are usually born in the spring time and hatch from their egg sacs in warmer weather. Regardless of the season, though, they are unwelcome guests in any home or office. If you have recently encountered an infestation, you can call Bob’s Community Pest Control for removal in the greater Merced area. We specialize in spider control, extermination and prevention. If you call us for service for your residential or commercial space, we can make sure it’s rid of arachnids.

Common Types in California
There are a number of spider species unique to California. Some of them are more common in the state, and as such, should be monitored closely. Whether or not they are dangerous, the following spiders are certainly pests to be gotten rid of:
  • Yellow sac spider
  • American house spider
  • Daddy long legs
  • Black widow

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